Whether you’re dreaming for a open concept  kitchen, tranquil bathroom, gleaming hardwood floors or a complete renovation, High Power Construction has the expertise to do the job.


Ready for a bathroom remodel? High Power Construction has exactly what you are looking for and can provide beautiful new bathroom solutions to make your home a work of art. We have the expertise you need to stay on budget, add value to your home, and get the amazing bathroom remodel you deserve!


Picture a beautifully designed custom deck as the centerpiece of your outdoor entertaining.


We offer a free in home consultation where we will measure the area and provide an estimate for the job based on the product you have selected. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the quality craftsmanship our customers expect.


The kitchen is often regarded as the heart of the home, but sometimes kitchens just weren’t designed for the modern family. A functional and correctly designed kitchen can greatly increase the value of your home, and provide years of enjoyment.


Fireplaces—More than just a hole in the wall where you can burn wood, we can create a true hearth for your home. Arguably, no other place in the home shows a greater difference between authentic brick or stone masonry work and cheap imitations.


Give your house some real style and will be the focal point of your home. We have the experience and knowledge to build a staircase that will reflect your style and will add value to your home.